Tales of Care and Repair brings together stories of everyday object repairs in India, the UK and Brazil. Sponsored by the British Council, the project was presented at the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), in 2021.
        The participation of Micrópolis took place in the development of the visual identity and web design of the project. For the logo, we chose a typography that was striking and, at the same time, translated the manual character of the repairs. Regarding the color palette, the composition was made in a neutral beige tone – which highlights the images – with a vivid green, which refers to the sustainable aspect of the project.
        Seeking to explore the aesthetic diversity of the repairs carried out in different countries, the homepage is a visual catalog that gathers all submitted repairs. By selecting one of the photos in the grid, an information card pops up with more details of the chosen repair: where it was done, who did it, how long it took, how much it cost, among other information collected by the project.

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Visual identity and web design for Tales of Care and Repair’s website.

November 2021

India, United Kingdom and Brazil

Repair Acts - UK, Gambiologia - Brazil and Toxics Link - India (International partners); Teresa Dillon, Fred Paulino and Ravi Agarwal (Curators); Dawn Giles, Romana Abreu and Satish Sinha (production); Marta Celio (web design); Osso Design, Mario Mol and Ingmar Standke (Web development).

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