Parklet designed through an architecture workshop at Lá da Favelinha, a self-governing cultural center in Aglomerado da Serra - a favela in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
      This project was the pilot version of Gentileza Project, which aims to give a new use to disposed materials found in the warehouses of Belo Horizonte City Hall by building parklets in front of public schools and community centers.
       After the basic components of the design were defined, Micrópolis organized a workshop open to the community of Aglomerado da Serra, where Lá da Favelinha Cultural Center is located. After mapping and discussing the communities uses of public space, the participants were divided in groups in order to experimen design proposals through collages and models using LEGO pieces.
       The final design combined different aspects of all proposals and was built in front of the cultural center.


Design workshop at Lá da Favelinha

August 2018

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration with Fernando Maculan and Gentileza Project

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