Cartografia Imaginária is an exhibition that investigates the relationship between the concrete and the imaginary city, articulating urban, literary and visual history.
       By overlapping various medias and establishing connections between works of different decades, the exhibition operates as a research project in process that is made available to the public. Like a researcher's notebook, the exhibition is organized into a map of expository nuclei, time lines, and rhizomatic branches that challenge the chronology and therefore the linear path of understanding the development of a city.
       The design was created in order to translate these ideas into the space. The works were organized into eight cores in the gallery, which were organized in a way so that the visitor could create their own paths and connections amongst the works of art presented.


Exhibition design project for Cartografia Imaginária at Sesc Palladium

May 2018

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Curatorship: Marconi Drummond and Maurício Meirellles

Graphic design: Voltz

Wood Workshop: Artes Cênicas Produções

Production: Sirlene Magalhães

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