Picnic in transit took place in 2010 in a bus in Belo Horizonte, a ferry in Rio de Janeiro and in the subway in São Paulo. Participants brought food and drinks to public transport to share with fellow commuters.
    Public transport has the function of taking people to different places. They are, by definition, places of passage. Commuters often recognize each other, but are not encouraged to really get to know each other.
    The idea of Picnic in Transit is to enhance and highlight the possibility of interaction between individuals who, despite sharing the same space, often do not create relationships with each other.



Urban intervention in a bus line, a subway line and a ferry line.

The project participated in the 80th anniversary exhibition of the UFMG School of Architecture at Palácio das Artes and in the 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale in 2013.

October 2013, April 2013 and October 2010

São Paulo, Niterói and Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration: Tiago Cícero, Luiz Pataro, Manuela dos Santos, Tove Grönroos, Renata Marquez

Video and photo credits: Guilherme Appolinário, Ulisses Mattos

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