Exhibition design developed for Lupa: Ensaios Audiovisuais, curated by Fabíola Moulin and Marconi Drummond, at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
       The exhibition featured more than 80 works of Brazilian video art, in addition to a timeline containing an extensive documentary collection that reconstructs the history of audiovisual in Brazil since the first exhibitions of moving images held in the country.
      The timeline was designed in a modular and flexible way, being easily adapted to the various media that it hosted: texts, documents, catalogues, magazines, images, videos and objects. The works of video art were distributed in projections, flat screens and monitors distributed in three dark rooms.


Exhibition project for Lupa: Ensaios Audiovisuais, curated by Fabíola Moulin e Marconi Drummond, at Museu de Artes e Ofícios.

May 2016

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration: Agência New360 (graphic design) and Artes Cênica Produções (wood and steel workshop)

Photo credits: Daniel Mansur

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