AUTORADIO was a community radio developed by Micrópolis collective in partnership with residents of the neighbourhoods Lindéia and Regina, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This project was carried out during the Reboque artistic residency program at JA.CA — Center for Art and Technology. The community radio took place inside of a yellow wagon adapted for this project.
        After understanding the musical history of the neighborhoods of Lindéia and Regina and the historic political engagement of their residents, AUTORADIO worked as an open-air radio station whose programming was either created live with passers-by, or collectively composed of previous recordings. The AUTORADIO physically occupied local public space, creating new social possibilities for everyday life while amplifying the voice of the community.


Community radio developed in partnership with the Lindéia Regina Cultural Center during the Reboque artist residency program at JA.CA - Center for Art and Technology.

The project was featured in the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennale and in the exhibition Infinito Vão - 90 years of Brazilian Architecture, curated by Guilherme Wisnik and Fernando Serapião.

April 2016

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration: Bárbara Monteiro, Cássia Silva, Frederico Tomazetti, Giovânia Monique, Adriely Werneck, Rafael Silva, Charles Costa, Júlio, Camila Goulart, Juninho.

Video credits: Guilherme Appolinário

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