Portable School was a research-project developed for a residency at JA.CA — Center for Art and Technology. Over the course of two months, non-academic and collaborative procedures for knowledge about the urban environment were tested, either in the immediate surroundings of the school, in the city of Nova Lima, or in the neighboring city of Belo Horizonte. Throughout the project, a yellow wagon provided by JA.CA was used as a mobile device and articulating base for the outdoors educational activities.
        Under the research-project format, the work is not concluded as a single product, but serves as a platform to test a series of tools in the fields of education and spatial practice.


Set of pedagogical processes carried out with students from the Maria Josefina Salles Wardi State School, as a residency project at JA.CA - Center for Art and Technology.

April 2015

Nova Lima, Brazil

Collaboration: JA.CA - Centro de Arte e Tecnologia

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