99 Ideas for a street cinema are ninety-nine speculative answers to one question: what forms of occupation could be housed by an abandoned street cinema in central Belo Horizonte?
       Although all ideas use the same abandoned building as a starting point, the purpose of the project is not to propose feasible projects, but rather to highlight different ways through which passers-by see possibilities of change for iconic spaces in the city.
       The ideas emerged from a research process that took place on the sidewalks in front of the abandoned cinema, inviting the citizens of Belo Horizonte to collectively imagine new possibilities for the building.
       After collecting 99 ideias, four of them were put in practice in the lobby of the cinema: a pop-up restaurant, a bingo night, a karaoke house and a dance club.
       Soon after the research project, the building was open to the public as a cultural center, where the drawings and narratives of the 99 ideias were displayed in an exhibition about the history of the building itself. Later in 2017, the same drawings and narratives were published by Micrópolis in a book about the project.


Project commissioned for the Habitáculo exhibition, held at Cine Theatro Brasil and curated by Fabíola Moulin and Marconi Drummond. In 2017, the work was published in a book edited by Micrópolis.

The publication received an honorable mention award by IABsp in 2018, under the category Best Architecture Publication. It was also a selected work at the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennale.

October 2015

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Photo credits: Thiago Fernandes and Daniel Iglesias.

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