Instant House was assembled and inhabited over a Saturday afternoon in a public square in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Neighbours were asked to bring over objects that they know longer used, in order to give shape to the public living room. The objects were classified into small, medium and large and each person who left an object could take another home, building and deconstructing the environment throughout the day.
     This project was part of the Museu do Instante (Instant Museum) program, which took place in Praça da Liberdade, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event was curated by Dobra Oficina de Arquitetura.


Urban intervention for Museu do Instante, a cultural event curated by Dobra Oficina de Arquitetura at Praça da Liberdade, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

January 2014

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Video credits: Guilherme Appolinário

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