Avizinhar Fabulações is a book organized, edited and designed by Micrópolis, in partnership with BDMG Cultural, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
    Distributed both in print and online, Avizinhar Fabulações presents the unfoldings of the eight thematic cycles organized by Micrópolis throughout the 2020/2021 Learning Program at BDMG Cultural. 
        The themes Image, Language, Difference, Cosmos, Nature, Love, Street and Body are discussed through the voice of over 30 thinkers, educators and artists in contemporary Brazil. For each chapter, we encourage the authors to share their views on the various paths of learning could take in our complex society. Such texts are edits of the transcripts of the episodes of our podcast series, which over the course of two years hosted some of the most intriguing activists, artists, historians, educational leaders, anthropologists and performers in Brazil today.

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Book organized, edited and designed by Micrópolis, commissioned by BDMG Cultural. 

January 2022

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration: Aline Motta, Aline Vila Real, Ana da Fonseca Martins, Ana Maria R. Gomes, Benjamin Seroussi, Bernardo Esteves, Carolina Levis, Cezar Migliorin, Cida Moura, Déborah Danowski, Dona Onete, Francy Baniwa, Gabriel Martins, Gabriela Moulin, Gil Amâncio, Guilherme Cunha, Helena Vieira, Henrique Vieira, Ibã Huni Kuin, Isabel Casimira Gasparino, Jonathas de Andrade, José Augusto Pádua, Juliana dos Santos Soares, Liça Pataxoop, Luciana Xavier, Luiz Antonio Simas, Luiz Rufino, Mônica Hoff, Renata Marquez, Roberto Romero, Rui Moreira, Sandra Benites, Silvane Silva, Sueli Maxakali, Tatiana Carvalho Costa, Zoy Anastassakis.

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