#L00KB00K MAM is a collaborative four edition fanzine produced with the visitors of the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art. The publication resulted from a series of workshops offered to the youngsters who occupy the sculpture gardens of the museum on Sunday afternoons. The project was commissioned by the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art as a way of raising awareness among this specific public that the museum was open for them. Before the project took off, the young crowd would most times not even know that the building they were at was a public museum.
        In order to change that perspective, the #L00KB00K project adopted a discourse and a language that recognized the cultural practices of this specific audience, which was mainly formed by LGBTQIA+ teenagers from low income backgrounds. The project was also careful not to propose activities that would disturb the festive way the garden was being occupied by the youngsters. At the end of the process, the museum was finally able to inaugurate an interactive dialogue with the youth, who started not only to engage in the museum’s activities but also began to propose and request new activities for the museum’s programme. 

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Set of public workshops offered to the teenage audience of the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art.

Finalist project for the 1st SeLecT Award for Art and Education. The project was also selected for the exhibition A Marquise, o MAM e Nós no Meio, curated by Ana Maria Maia.

May 2015

São Paulo, Brazil

Collaboration: Ariana Milliorini

Video credits: Guilherme Appolinário

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