During the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions dedicated to culture had to reinvent themselves to continue accessing the public while cultural spaces were still closed. This was the case of the exhibition Light and Matter, organized by Galeria do Minas Tênis Clube, in Belo Horizonte, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Brazilian modernist artist Amilcar de Castro.
        Alongside with the curating team, Micrópolis developed and organized the script for a series of audiovisual contents that provided the public with a virtual learning experience of the exhibition.


Script for Educational video for the exhibition Light and Matter - 100 years of Amilcar de Castro, at Minas Tênis Club Gallery.

November 2020

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Collaboration: Guilherme Appolinário (motion graphic design), Jonnathan Galvão (sign language translation), Cítrica Filmes (video and sound capturing and editing)

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