Exhibition Design for Naïfs do Brasil — an exhibition held at Sesc Palladium Gallery in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.
       Naïf is a French term that evokes something natural, naive, spontaneous, originally used in the field of arts to describe a style of painting. The adoption of this term for Naïfs do Brasil, in the plural and detached form of the word “art”, shifts the focus of the exhibition towards the artists and their diverse and multiple manifestations.
       The paintings were divided into two cores: “Labour Time” and “Leisure Time and Magical Universes”. The exhibition design divided the space according to these two cores through the use of different colours, which were applied over the structure built for the show.
       The color palette was defined based on a chromatic study of the collection's paintings, making reference to land, manual work and nature. The subtitles of the works were printed on raw wood, in order to highlight the material’s texture which is present in universe of the Naïfs. Small benches with a uncomplicated design were arranged around the gallery to create a contemplation spots for the public.


Exhibition Design for Naïfs do Brasil at Sesc Palladium Gallery.

January 2019

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Graphic design: Lana Soares

Mural artist: Fernando Rodrigues de Jesus

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